Sunday, 25 December 2011

Finding the Right Interactive Platform to Showcase Your Talent

Interactive online portals are offering individuals new opportunities to display their special skills. However, what’s important is finding the right interactive platform to showcase your talent. If you have a kid with talent, you need to look for the right child talent management agency. Registering with the right portal would offer the maximum visibility for your talent and allow you to connect with decision makers – wherever they are.

Dynamic Opportunities with the Right Interactive Talent Management Platform

If you have the talent and the dream to succeed, signing up with a well-managed talent network can help you achieve fame and success easily. Empowered with the latest in digital technology, the right online portal would offer you dynamic opportunities such as live auditions and contests to display your skills. Actor, singer, voice talent, writer, comedian, dancer, gymnast, model, musician, circus artist, fashion designer, party entertainer or talent of any type can manage portfolios and auditions in a way as to gain maximum exposure on a global platform with an advanced audition management system

 Explore the websites of several interactive talent showcase networks before you choose one.  Features you should look for:
• A wide choice of plans to showcase your talent
• An advanced audition management system
• User-friendly tools and options to manage your search for agents
• Simple and organized search functions
• Demonstrative and informative videos on facilities offered
• Information and alerts on opportunities such as contests and auditions
• Easy and quick communication processes

With the right provider, you can even enjoy many services free of cost such as creating an electronic portfolio, searching for talent agencies, viewing contests and auditions, adding members to your network, and so on.

Need for Interaction with Talent Agents

When you look for a talent management network, make sure that it also offers talent seekers the right tools to contact and network with you. There are portals that offer agents the opportunity to conduct live vocal talent auditions from the comfort of their home or office using video conferencing technology. They can post scripts for you to interact with, manage and score the auditions they conduct and notify you about the score.  A talent shopping network with a wide reach allows talent to be seen by casting directors, record companies, modeling agencies, event management organizations, and more. All talent posts and online posts are well-managed so that clients don’t have to spend too much time managing their accounts. There are even networks that offer discounted rates for specific plans

Keep these features in mind and you can easily find the right interactive platform to showcase your talent.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

How Talent Management Networks Benefit Talent and Talent Agencies

Gone are the days when talent had to run from pillar to post to get noticed and agents had to spend heavily on traditional auditions and advertisements to find talent. Versatile talent management networks have made things much easier and offer many benefits for talent and talent agencies. These agencies are social network platforms that utilize state-of-the-art technology to allow talent to showcase its skills and agents to search for and find talent of all types.

Many Unique Promotional Tools for Adult Talent

Aspiring actors, singers, artists, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, sportspersons, writers and any other kind of talent are offered several unique promotional tools, including an interactive auditioning platform. Once you sign up with a talent management agency, you are offered a wide choice of plans. Things you can do:

• Create an electronic portfolio by uploading photographs, audios and videos
• Rehearse and record demos
• Save demos to your portfolio
• Search for a contest or audition opportunities by category, zip code or location
• Enter demos in unlimited auditions and contests
• Audition from anywhere
• Search for talent agencies and agents
• View status in auditions entered
• Video conference audition with agents
• Participate in unlimited auditions
• Add talented contacts to your portfolio
• Share your profile with family, friends and industry members to increase your rating

You can even chat and rehearse live with friends for vocal talent auditions. Besides the facility to update your profile, you can view posted auditions and contests, and get e-mail notifications about your status.

Interactive Online Talent Platforms – Easing the Talent Search Process 

These novel interactive talent networking portals ease the talent search process. By registering with an established network, agents looking for fresh talent can save the time and money that they would have to spend in a traditional auditioning process. If you are a talent seeker, the network’s audition management tools allows you to manage your auditions easily. You can:

• Search for talent by category, criteria or location
• Inspect all uploaded talent portfolios
• Post unlimited auditions and competitions
• Continually view audio entries
• Conduct live audition scheduling
• Open or close auditions
• Create or manage multiple accounts
• Manage audition score cards, call back and final listing
• Conduct video conferences for live auditions
• Interact and exchange information with other agents
• Have prospective clients follow you on popular social networks

Talent agencies can also extend their company’s reach at no extra cost. They can market their company on these networks by posting contests. Entries would be shared by contestants over social networks, allowing these companies to advertise their products and services to a global audience.

There are many options when it comes to finding and promoting special skills, but talent and talent agencies can enjoy all these benefits only by tying up with the right talent management network.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Easy Online Talent Management System for Talent Searchers

The Talent Shopping Network (TTSN) which has risen to popularity in just a little over two years since its inception is helping talent agents in a big way. This online talent management network is making it easier for them to find bright men and women in singing, acting, comedy and other fields. The network’s representatives hope that the system would benefit agents and agencies that found talent hunting rather challenging and time consuming.

Talent Agents Can Easily Find and Shortlist People

Based on their requirements, talent seekers and agencies can use basic and advanced search options to find candidates matching their requirements. With the basic search, the agents can find candidates by category, location, and zip code. The advanced search option for networking or hiring candidates has options based on category, sub category, gender, keyword, ratings, zip code and whether or not video and audio is available. The option of making candidates present the same script, song, and voiceover or other performance, makes it easier to shortlist and finalize candidates and get better results from the search.

Posting of Talent Competitions and Auditions Is Effortless

Talent hunters can post contests on the talent management system which would make it easier for them to select. These competitions would also help the talent seekers promote their company, brand or services. Prospective candidates would view the contests with their start and end dates and participate if interested. Posting auditions is free and very convenient. TTSN enables development and creation of multiple auditions (closed or open). In this respect, it gives the benefits of:

• Scheduling of live auditions
• Video conferencing for the live auditions

About the Talent Shopping Network

The Talent Shopping Network is the brainchild of William Quinones. This web-based social networking platform is meant to give talented men and women in various categories the exposure they need to find a good job opportunity. For talent agents, the talent management system simplifies the process of finding fresh and unique talent. More information about this online platform is available from FB995VZDGJST

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Convenient Online Vocal Talent Auditions

Just two years old, the Talent Shopping Network (TTSN), a popular talent management system facilitates easy and smooth vocal talent auditions through its online platform. This fairly new website is an advancement over previous auditioning techniques.

Advantages for Talent Agents and Aspiring Candidates

Both talent hunters and bright men and women looking to “strike it big” can benefit from the convenient online platform. Talent agents can create an audition and provide the necessary details. They would then get an embedded code which they can use to promote the audition on craigslist and on other advertising websites. Agents can also choose email contacts and contacts from their TTSN network to advertise the audition. The benefits for them include:

• Auditions can be posted and managed free of charge
• Simplifies the process by doing away with the need to download attachments or open emails
• Video conferencing can be arranged for live auditioning
• Rejecting or short-listing of candidates does not require much time or effort

Aspiring candidates also benefit from the ease of the system.

• Candidates can select the most suitable vocal talent auditions for their purpose using location and zip code, and by selecting the right category
• The process is as easy as rehearsing, recording and submitting a demo
• A singer who doesn’t have a demo can choose from more than 5000 songs to video record and save to her portfolio
• She can check out “My Auditions History” to know all the auditions for which she has entered

About The Talent Shopping Network

It was William Quinones who brought The Talent Shopping Network into existence in 2009. He was inspired to do so because of the difficulties he himself faced as dancer and manager of a singing team to get publicity and openings for his group. The vision of this network as revealed in its website is to “build the world’s first and premier social network for the Talent industry that will change forever the way agents find talent and talent fulfills their dreams.” In addition to vocal talent auditions, auditions can be done for more than 20 other categories.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Talent Management - Amazing Opportunities for New Talent

New talent never had it better. Getting noticed by talent hunters used to be one of the biggest hurdles that people with talent faced. But not any more! Talent management networks have opened up amazing opportunities for new talent. With the advent of interactive online talent platforms it is now possible for individuals to display their artistic skills, manage their search, learn about opportunities, enter talent competitions and achieve success.

Networking in Talent Management

Talent management websites are where talented people can interact one-to-one with agencies and agents. In fact, a well managed website can overcome the burdens faced by agents looking for fresh new talent, such as the cost of conducting auditions and talent shows. A talent shopping website works for all types of talent and talent seekers - actors, artists, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, movie/video producers, singers, songwriters, playwrights, directors, sportspersons, writers, and more.

Registering on a talent shopping platform allows talented persons to audition live online and choose from various types of plans that allow them to:
• Upload profiles
• Record demos
• Create an electronic portfolio by uploading photographs, audios and videos
• Search for a contest or audition opportunities by category, zip code or location
• Chat and rehearse live with friends
• Enter unlimited talent contests
• Submit material for auditions
• View status in auditions entered
• Search for agents
• Video conference audition with agents
• Participate in unlimited vocal talent auditions
• Add talented acquaintances to portfolios
• Share profile with family, friends and industry members to increase rating

This dynamic online audition management system with such unique marketing tools also allows members to edit their profile, share it through a wide selection of social networks, view posted auditions and contests, and receive notifications through email. Advanced audition/contest searches can be performed to search for specific attributes.

Talent Shopping Portals - Excellent Facilities to Discover Talent

Talent management portals also make things easy from the point of view of talent agents. Talent seekers who register on these websites are offered options to:
• Post unlimited auditions and talent competitions
• View all talent portfolios
• Upload company videos and audios
• Search for talent by category, criteria or location
• Interact and exchange information with other agents
• Have prospective clients follow them on popular social networks.  

Advanced Opportunities and User-friendly Procedures

The interactive talent networks that have taken the artistic world by storm offer advanced options with simple, quick and efficient procedures. All talent posts and online posts are well-managed so that clients don’t have to spend too much time managing their accounts. There are even networks that offer discounted rates for specific plans. So if you’re looking to showcase your talent online, make sure you choose a portal that offers new talent amazing opportunities 

The Talent Shopping Network will give talent a dynamic and fresh on-line platform to get visibility and seek opportunity, success and fame and provide agents a new on-line audition management system and unique new marketing tools that will make them industry leaders

Thursday, 1 December 2011

New Online Live Network Unfolds Opportunities Galore for Talent Buyers and Sellers

Have or need talent? Talent Shopping Network, the world's only true online live auditioning site, offers you all the exposure you want to fulfill your dreams

It’s finally here! An interactive, online platform just for talent buyers and sellers, Talent Shopping Network (TTSN) is where artists and agents can meet, interact, showcase their skills, and fulfill their dreams. This exclusive web portal unfolds unlimited opportunities for actors, artists, comedians, dancers, gymnasts, models, movie/video producers, singers, songwriters, playwrights, directors, sportspersons, writers, and more.

Conceived by William Quinones in 2009, Talent Shopping Network is now a dynamic online audition management system with unique new marketing tools. With, Quinones has succeeded in crafting the ultimate talent showcase, offering agents and artists the opportunity to reach out to each other in unlimited ways.

By registering on the website, both talented individuals and agents can select from various types of plans that would provide them exclusive online exposure. Once signed up, a talented person can gain worldwide exposure on an online live auditioning site, video conference audition with agents, record his/her demo, participate in voice over auditions, and more. Services such as electronic portfolio creation, search for agents and viewing posted auditions and contests are offered free of cost with every plan.

If you are looking for star material or scouting around for fresh, new talent, TTSN makes things a lot easier. Industry Sign Up allows you to post unlimited auditions and contests for free. Choose a Star Finder plan and view all talent portfolios, upload company videos and audios, search for talent by category, criteria or location, interact and exchange information with other agents and have prospective clients follow you on popular social networks.  

One of the best things about TTSN is that the search process is simple, organized, and takes up very little of your precious time. The website is specially designed to handle all talent posts efficiently, facilitate online processes and guarantee results.  And this is only the beginning – the best it yet to come, promises the founders!
To get started with Talent Shopping Network, simply fill out and mail the Contact Form available at

About TTSN

The Talent Shopping Network provides internet exposure, networking resources and new marketing tools to match talent with available listings of auditions and casting. This interactive website, with a dynamic audition management system, aims to present talent seekers and people with talent the unique opportunity to become industry leaders.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Contest By: Rising To The Top Records

Contest By: Rising To The Top Records
Contest Category: Singers
Contest Sub Category: Any
Allows other categories to Participate: Yes
Venue: Online Contest
Address: online

Start Date: 09/01/2011 09:30 AM
End Date : 02/29/2012 10:30 AM
This Contest is sposered By;

Contest Details

We are looking for artists who are ready to RISE TO THE TOP! Submit your best song with a chance to win prizes including a free album mastering from our subsidiary company Perfect Audio Inc., a chance to feature on T-Rob's upcoming album, and a grand prize recording/production contract with Rising To The Top Records! Rules:

1) This contest will run for 6 months.
2) Each month, 2 finalists will be selected. 1 finalist will be selected based on user votes and the 2nd finalist will be selected by our A&R Department.
3) After the 6 month period has expired, there will be 12 finalists upon which 3 will be selected as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
4) Only 1 demo song will be accepted. If you don't have a demo, we will accept demos from TTSN's demo recorder.

For more details visit